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Machine Vision Solutions and Industrial Cameras
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Visions Connection is a business primarily focusing on "total" custom camera solutions not parts and pieces. We focus on OEMS and end users who need consultive sales people and real technical support. We are staffed by experienced professionals who understand all our products and focus on treating you how YOU want to be treated. We provide real expertise, not just "me too" products and prices. We offer the best cameras found anywhere on earth, along with lighting, lenses, and software. We offer Ultra High Resolution Cameras and Near Infrared and other shifted response curves. We can generally provide a complete "turnkey" vision solution for most applications and markets. We provide unique solutions for the following camera technologies: 4, 8, 16, 29 Megapixel CCD based on the latest Kodak sensors, VGA output color cameras to replace analog cameras for computer based viewing and we support interfaces such as USB, Fire Wire, Gig/E, Giga Bit Ethernet, and CameraLink® with resolutions beyond 4KX4K.





June 1, 2010

Introduced new X-ray camera 768x494 2/3” CCD BNC output camera to replace the image intensifier. We can develop 4” or 6” X-ray cameras using any resolution or any format camera for the X-ray application.

June 1, 2010

Introduced new UV camera 230 nm to 400 nm using 2/3” CCD with GIGE output.

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