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Machine Vision Solutions and Industrial Cameras
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We offer not just building blocks but complete solutions. The following solutions have been tested and come guaranteed to work: We work with you until they meet the goals you set out to us...

Smart Camera
USB 2.0 VCSPS02 Digital Motorized Auto Focus Microscope DMP-1000

Smart Camera

Digital Motorized Auto Focus Microscope

DMP - 1000

Smart Photo Sensor


A Smart Photo Sensor is ultra-compact and contains high-speed image processing system. A device that can construct an image system by one chip is used in this sensor. It is capable to high-speed process the image because of preprocessing in the device, and it is also capable to determine a result that a former photoelectric sensor was incapable to.



12X Compact Digital Microscope


This innovative fully motorized and automated digital microscope offers quality and features never seen before at this price level. Super depth of field, auto stitching, automatic scanning, 3D topography. All in an ultra compact and affordable system. Using a 5 MP CCD camera with 1X lens and 24" LCD monitor, the Viewing Magnification will be from 83X to 1560X. Suitable for Biomedical applications, Medical device inspection, stents, Balloon cathedras, Semiconductor inspection, Forensic investigation.

Imaging and Measurement Software


The DMP-1000 is designed as a software accessory for your video systems. The software provides functions for your daily usage, such as image documentation, image annotation, measurement and visual inspection. The software is very easy to use and provides a low cost solution to improve your productivity.


  • Detect present or absent objects
  • Measure targeted area:
    Blob, Perimeter, Bounding Box Width, Bounding Box Height, Gravity Point]
  • Detect shape of the area.
  • Detect the front or back side of parts.
  • Detect direction of parts.
  • Visual Architect is a graphical programming environment
  • USB2.0 with I/O controls.
  • High Magnification 12X
  • Motorized Zoom and Autofocus
  • Super depth of Field and extended Field of view
  • XY Stage
  • XY measurements software
  • 3D Topography software
  • Supports Digital Camera or Frame Grabber for Live Display,
    Measurement and Annotation
  • Image Processing and Comparison
  • Handle Large Size of color or
    monochrome Images
  • Save Images with Annotation in many popular formats
  • Automatic Sub-pixel Edge Detection
  • High Precision Measurement
  • Flexible Data Formatting
  • Real Time Data to Spreadsheet
  • Direct DRO Measurement
  • Built In Comparison Patterns

DMP-2000 KineMic Eyebot

DMP - 2000



Imaging and Measurement Software


The DMP-2000 software is a PC-based field of view dimensional measurement & Imaging software that turns a conventional microscope into a powerful measurement system. The software uses the latest digital image processing technology to capture and analyze video images for dimensional measurement. It then compares the measurement to nominal values and tolerances to identify conditions of nonconformance. The DMP-2000 tolerance functions conform to ASME Y14.5M 1994.

Video Microscope Systems


A modular video-based inspection system that is ideal for quality assurance, receiving inspection, training, manufacturing, assembly, research and documentation. The base system includes a microscope stand with coarse-fine focus control and a zoom lens with 6.5:1 magnification range, LED surface illumination, hi-resolution color video camera and 17" LCD monitor. Options include a choice of X-Y measuring stage with digital LCD display micrometers, imaging capability, boom stand and area of interest (AOI) laser pointer.

Eyebot software can inspect at very high speeds up to 90 PPS at 640x480. Easy to program to Reject defective parts and objects, increase productivity and reduce operation costs.
  • Support for FireWire, CameraLink, USB and other interface digital camera or frame grabber for live image display, measurement and annotation.
  • Off-line or on-line Measurement. Stand alone or integrated into your applications.
  • Advanced edge detection for sub-pixel accurate measurement.
  • CAD import and export.
  • Easy dimensional measurement with CADlike graphics.
  • Supports inch, millimeter, mil and micron units, Cartesian and Polar coordinates.
  • Datum reference frame for alignment and tolerance.
  • User-defined measurement calculations and functions.
  • Up to 32000 points per feature.
  • Save, open, run and edit part program capability.
  • Group editing and custom report..
  • Real-time linked to other applications, such as spreadsheets, SPC and best-fit.
  • Flexible data format for post processing.
  • Large size of color or monochrome image acquisition, archiving and retrieval.
  • TWAIN support.
  • Image comparison and processing.
  • International language support.
KineMic Features:
  • Lighting: LED ring light
  • Coarse-fine focus control
  • One-year warranty (Extended warranty available)
  • Custom configurations available. Let us build a system that suits your requirements!

KineScope Features:

  • View live and captured images on a computer screen (or use a computer projector for large groups)
  • 40-140X magnification
  • Completely portable with your laptop computer
  • Save still images, movies and time lapse
  • Apply labels, markers, time stamps and measurement
  • Draw directly on the live image
  • Includes VLink imaging software
  • Trains in minutes or seconds
  • Learns variations in position and lighting
  • Low cost to install, maintain
  • No PC or software required
  • Retrains in minutes
  • Multiple training sessions can be saved and loaded to memory
  • Up to 3600 parts per minute
  • Compatible with any NTSC or PAL camera
  • Triggers or strobes may be unnecessary
  • RS-232 and two optically isolated relays (3A @ 60 volts)
  • Can IGNORE clutter for object recognition
  • No need to attend a class



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